Five Very Busy Things

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”
Helen Keller

Five Very Busy Things

I got the Hivemind mount yesterday! Lucky as can be, they did all the dirty work and I was along for the ride. It took under 90 minutes (for me) since it was at the last stages of the hunt that needed a group. I think that we are all attuned to each other and can share but I also think that I’ll be invited back to run others through the experience.

After three hours and about 20 pulls, we did not get down heroic Zul last night. This raid team (my other got the AotC) does not pug. Three druid healers and using our Shamans to race out to deal with the minions and trying the Zerg Strat, our best was 4%. Our raid leader told us that we’ve hit the raid comp wall. All of us are over-geared.

No one was bitter or unhappy. We certainly made comments on the price of potions and feasts and repairs but the general up-beat attitude of the group is why I like playing with these guys. We really tried. Several players are taking one for the team and changing classes for the next raid.

I am up to about 625,000 gold. Do you think that I should buy the Frog mount? There are three colors but I’d only buy one.

Here’s the deal, I invest a lot of time on mounts, Glory of the Etc. and things like that but then never ride them. Each of my characters have a special mount like my priest on the love rocket or my warlock on the headless horseman and my main switches now and then.

At 415 mounts, would I ever ride an expensive frog?

Grats to Leto for winning the contest. The way the choice was made was totally fair.

Alunaria has been very generous and I see a Cap’n Crackers in my future!


Gotta love our toys. And we gotta love the absurd. Molok the Crusher was up today in the Arathi warzone. I got the toy Molok Morion which has got to make a druid laugh.




4 thoughts on “Five Very Busy Things

  1. Hold off buying the frog. What is something amazing comes along in the next patch? Like a toy!

    Haha, thatΒ΄s the first thing I did when I got that Morok thing too. “Does it work in my Druid forms?!” πŸ˜€

    Congrats on that Hivemind mount. That is one accomplishment! πŸ™‚

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  2. 415 mounts? impressive, and you are right, too many unused mounts, so wait on buying the frog, collecting mounts in dungeons/raids/achievement is fun, grinding gold to spend it on mounts? now that’s another story, only the grand Yak worth that πŸ™‚

    Thanks for showing that toy, it looks silly, i love it.

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  3. Congrats on the Hivemind mount! I haven’t looked in to doing that yet. I had planned to over the Christmas break but somehow just ran out of time.
    I did buy one of the frogs… I don’t have as many mounts as you (365) but what I do is favourite all the mounts that I like, that mean something to me. And I just use the “Favourite Mount” button all the time. That way I get to rotate through all the mounts I love. It’s a really nice surprise seeing them sometimes, and remembering how I got them. πŸ™‚ Just an idea.

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  4. I would hold off on the frog mount as well. I have about half as many mounts as you and I feel like I neglect so many of them hehe.

    One thing I found to help me is an add on that saves favorite mount info on a per character basis. So a few of my alts who I dont associate just one or two mounts with I’ll have them use a different set of favorites from one another, throws a little use to the unused ones I’ve had for years.

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