A New Attitude in WoW

“I’m not a prophet or a stone aged man, just a mortal with potential of a superman. I’m living on.”
David Bowie

A New Attitude in WoW

Uldir opened on September 3rd, as I recall. We were in there every week for all of September, all of October, all of November, all of December and almost all of January as the next raid will open on the 22nd.

Five months in a raid is a long time. I have 65 wipes on Heroic-Almost-Everything. We never got to the time when we rofl-stomped our way through the bosses even as we very much over-geared the content.

The next raid is one week away!

With this comes new enthusiasm. I find myself wanting the next level on my neck piece and willing to go back to emissary runs that had become so repellant. Same with assaults, somehow they are “worth it” now. Next week will also unlock the next steps of catch-up on the AP needed for the neck piece. Thank Elune, tiny steps are no fun.

The raid teams have gone through a massive over-haul, reeling from the pain of Uldir and it’s demands for class-based comps. A druid healer has changed to holy priest, anything to increase diversity and to decrease the livid pain of not having the needed class.

I will now be on my druid healer for one team and a warlock on the other team. Again, it is all about the forced need for diversity even as we don’t really know the demands of the bosses in the next raid.

Frankly, I’m stoked.

I want to see the new stuff and have a reason to be there; perhaps a noble cause.

There is personal preparation in getting stacks of flasks and potions, making sure I have enchants and more.

There is also gold making to be had with a new raid. A week from now, Monday night, will be a very good time to post stacks of flasks, pots, scrolls, tomes and more. Cash in on the new raid is the strategy. I’m thinking that you might have stock-piled some materials; soon will be the time to clear your vault.

Also, this coming weekend might be a good time to post raw materials. Stringy Loins and Meaty Haunch are for the feasts, herbs are needed for potions and flasks, even fish like Redtail Loach could be flying off the Auction House with gold for your coffers.

Yes, we’ll keep raiding Uldir this week; for the last time, I hope. But, it is now time to look forward and get excited for Season Two. Changes: turn and face the strange. Look out you rock ‘n rollers!

4 thoughts on “A New Attitude in WoW

  1. Good luck ahead 🙂 We really should feel overpowered when we run around with an item level of 370 by now. What’s the harm in that. Will things scale up once season 2 is out, do you know?

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