Crucible of Storms: Normal

“To find him, drown yourself in the Circle of Stars.”

Crucible of Storms: Normal

It is always good to get a guild achievement. It makes us look good! This new two-boss raid was finished in about two-and-a-half hours.


I can’t write a review really but I can give first impressions.

We out-gear Normal and there was some push back about doing it all, the loot table isn’t that great if you are looking for an upgrade.

It is mechanic heavy. I’d say that we players are getting used to it and that part is a little frustrating. When learning a ton of mechanics, it keeps you so busy that it is hard to enjoy the artwork or the boss talking at us or to understand how or why a boss might have this strange new mechanic.

I am a warlock and I was a tank. Check that out! My sole job was to snag this mini-boss and hold aggro on it full time. There is a mechanic (no kidding) that allows me to spike aggro way high and once gained, I kite him to the other boss for cleaving.

On the very positive side, it was great to go see something new. The timing is ideal since we are spending a ton of time in BoD. It was great to win as a team, really great.

On the negative side, the rewards are doubtful. There were too many mechanics to the point where it felt like the designers didn’t care and were throwing a bucket-load of old ideas or maybe they were finally allowed to take the kid gloves off and show us a thing or two.

The loot table is small and that is appropriate for this raid. There is no real motive or intention of us returning over and over for a piece of gear. Here are the four possibilities for a Warlock.

Two of the pieces are for PvP, dunno why a raid boss drops PvP gear but there it is:



One piece gives an absorb shield, ho-hum.


The trinket is supposed to be my best-in-slot. You can see the new risk/reward design mentality in the tool tip. Use it but you might get it back in the face!


All in all, it was fun. I love my raid team when we win. And, I will surely look at this in the LFR to pay attention to the whispers and the spells and the flavor; all things that I missed due to mechanics.

Here is the toy Doomsday Robes with the placards, the Magic Pet Mirror on Comet the new pet from raiding with leashes.

5 thoughts on “Crucible of Storms: Normal

    • Really don’t get why you said that those 2 pieces are PvP gear? Speed gets you places, and the faster you get out of the bad, the more time you can spend damaging the boss.

      The second effect is pure PvE, as it’s a stat boost that punishes you for moving. When was the last time you just stood in one place casting for 12 seconds in PvP?

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