The Filthy Bucket

“Never use a big word when a little filthy one will do.”
Johnny Carson

The Filthy Bucket

I got the pet!

There is a hidden boss-like encounter in Tol Dagar. We did it and re-did it last night until everyone got their own pet, the Filthy Slime. It is an ooze pet. The boss encounter leaves you with a bad smell buff!

After the first boss outside, we entered the sewer. Since we had a rogue, we opened the gate. Down the hall and up one flight of stairs — the end of that hall has two prison cells. The second to the last can be opened to find a broken wall and a broken hallway.

There is a room with a lone single filthy bucket. Ew. Clicking the filthy bucket releases a giant ooze monster! Once it is dead, everyone can click on the loot. It is a random chance but last night we got a hot streak of lucky drops.

We did it on Mythic 0. There can be found a “discarded key” on the way that can open the cell, so you don’t need a rogue. We killed the first boss, the hidden boss, ran out and reset the instance. The pet can be caged and traded or sold on the AH.

Get some amigos and go take a try. It is easy to do.

Filthy Bucket
Filthy Slime


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