Let’s Try Operation Mechagon

“Practice, which some regard as a chore, should be approached as just about the most pleasant recreation ever devised.”
Babe Didrikson Zaharias

Let’s Try Operation Mechagon

Candidly I wasn’t going to run this dungeon until the collective had higher gear numbers. I’d heard some tough stories and that it took three hours.

I got an invite from some members of my raid team and said “yes”. I’ve healed this tank for years, our raid leader was on the team. Two of them had been through most of it and we were on Discord and got tips from other players who were hanging out.

It is fun. It is creative. There is humor. We one-shot everything except for the goop on the ground boss and the final boss, that took a second try. We wiped on one set of nasty trash on this ramp.

So, we did pretty good. We could do the kills, clear the way and were strong enough. And it still took three hours! Erase all of the trash and you’d have a good time running this eight-boss dungeon.

I won no upgrades. I did not get the coveted engineering recipe towards a mount. I did win a new essence but I forget what it does.

My big contribution to the team, besides healing, was Mass Entanglement. I would lock down a big set of mobs and they’d be pulled into combat one by one. If you don’t, the damage is really hard to survive.

Would I go again? Sure, if I have three-plus hours to set aside for the run. I don’t know if they drop keys yet but, boy howdy, running this on +4 would be a bear.

Gnomecore challenges us in Trivia: Ding Rustbolt, Nazjatar Exploration & “Vanilla” Outfits to show our characters without transmog!

That is easy. I tend to my pride and joy, Resto-Druid with great care when it comes to his look with a staff enchant and animated wasp wings.


I have to go dps to do world quests and more every single day and I resent it. I switch to boomkin and could not care the least what he looks like — even down to the tabard for the Argent Tourney port. He can look as ugly as he pleases!


One thought on “Let’s Try Operation Mechagon

  1. I couldn’t do it. If a good run at Mech 0 takes 3 hours with experienced raid geared people. It’s not something I will see for a long time.

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