Bouncing in WoW

“A hero cannot be a hero unless in a heroic world.”
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Bouncing in WoW

Back and forth between the two games. Mostly it is sustaining my main in the big game by doing emissary quests and this and that. Then it is leveling my Hunter in the old game which is fun.


On Wednesday night we scraped together a raid team and downed the first three bosses on heroic. This is typical and common. Lady Ashvane is the healing/dps check. If Classic had not arrived, we’d all be 65 on our neck and powerful. But we are not.

Behind in First Aid, my Hunter is way ahead in cooking, fishing and leatherworking. For fishing, I have been going to Theramore where the baddies all wear skulls. Just across the bridge puts me in the zone but there is a river and shoreline right there that is safe to fish higher level fish.

Some quests I enjoy and others I do not. I have no problem dropping an old quest or something that I don’t really like. However, I do like saving the little girl who is sick. I’ll finish that one every time.


4 thoughts on “Bouncing in WoW

  1. I was going back and forth between The Master Game and Classic, but I’ve been focusing on leveling in Classic instead this week. I killed off my Horde Pagel characters and moved them to Windseeker (ha! two had their names, which I made up, taken!) On Pagle I have for the Alliance A Hunter and Warrior at level six, a Priest and Mage at level 3. If you guys are still recruiting, let me know if any of those classes would be useful, and I’ll work on that character there. Trying to be more social. I’ve even started inviting people to group, big move for a shy person.

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