The Shadowlands Follies

So much to do!

In the folly of my youth, yesterday, I dinged honored with the Court of Night. I had to use Wowhead to find the Quartermaster. It was 6am, first cup of coffee, the sun was rising in the East, the bell tolls for thee. I saw a bunch of cosmetic stuff and one was a backback type cape tmog that would make it look like you had big butterflies resting on a glowing orb. Cool. I decided to buy it and hence the folly; I thought that I was spending gold and, verily, I was spending anima. Once I realized it, it was too late. My plans of advancing the Anima Conduit on Reset Day are gone. No disaster, mere folly.

I am late to the Avowed. Kind of a hidden reputation bar-to-fill. The flight path to the Halls of Atonement has a building right there, go down the stairs and it is a short quest line to get started. An Alchemist has to do this for the recipes but I wish my main had discovered it earlier and my Halls dungeon runs would have added to the reputation bar.

The announced five hour shut-down/slash/reset has me jumping to see the Big Cache. I did down three raid bosses on Normal, the cache has it high-lighted and I’ll get a piece of gear. As long as it is not boots (my legendary slot) I’ll be happy because it will be a sure upgrade. If it is boots, I’m jumping into the Maw head-first. And you know that I didn’t get any raid drops, tsk.

The fish from Ardenweld (iridescent amberjack) are selling for 100g a cast. The bait lasts 30 minutes, I fish in the Queen’s Conservatory, and every day this week I’ve been earning 10,000 gold. I will soak this dry and, Elune willing, it will be weeks before the prices crater and whither and limp away.

Torghast. The five-man runs in classic dungeon set-ups are too hard! I can heal those guys but deaths can add up. I might try going Guardian and soloing it, reportedly a cake walk. I’d only have to learn how to tank! Yikes. A lot of time is poured into this instance and the payoff is only “okay” my BiS legendary doesn’t shake the earth.

The LFR opens today after the shut-down/slash/reset and I’ll be first in line. Clearing the wing will mean three raid bosses and a weekly cache reward. Also it is mythic dungeon week and I’m not sure what the reward will be but four M zeros will work for me. Sadly or happily, I’m not sure, my friends are far more ambitious.

There is a lot to do and it is a five hour reset!

5 thoughts on “The Shadowlands Follies

  1. Last night I did Coldstone Creamery wing of Torghast (or whatever the Cold name is that wasn’t Scold Us) as a solo resto druid (boomie affinity). It scales for healers. Mobs don’t hit as hard, don’t have as much health. Just be careful not to overpull. I did level 3 just because I wanted some soul ash and the legendaries.

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    • Yes and thanks. I do want to try resto with boomy affinity to see how it scales. Testing by yourself is hard because of the time involved but I do want to do that. Also, I need a better understanding of the place itself; like how do layers work. In any case, I do want to get back in there.

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