Shadowlands: Weekly Report

/cast bubble wand
/cast Honorable Pennant
/cast Soulshape(Night Fae)

Those toys will change but entertain for the moment. Adding /rfp for a random favorite pet will happen soon enough. It’s fun flavor.

I was glad to do the weekly of four mythic dungeons for the 213 reward (a belt). Once I agreed to run with the hardies I heard, “Hey, I have a three key!” “Me too!” “It might be a challenge but we are up for it!” I am very happy, sooper-dooper happy to be a healing druid right now, my stun roar and run-fast roar are awesome in dungeons! Cyclone, Mighty Bash, Ursol’s Vortex can keep me busy whilst the tough guys narrow in on the baddies.

Raiding (on Normal, of course) we got four bosses down on the first night of the second week. The fourth boss, the suggestive language lady, puts out steady shadow damage to the raid and that, my friends, is shine-in-the-light resto-druid greatness. On Sunday, we’ll be in progression with my sole hope of downing three more so I have yet another option in the Great Cache on Reset Day.

My gear is all over the place. My over-all ilevel is 182 yet my shoulders are 155, it is disgusting! The gear WQs seem to have disappeared. I see plenty up for my leveling 54.

This expansion is very relaxed and I am glad for it. As one of the Faithful, I’ll do the daily tasks like ride the mushroom and go to the theater, dahling. My Alchemy Alt is 54 and working her way through some of the zones, a-questing. No hurry, it’ll happen.

I brought my skinner through the Maw. He’s a crusty old Worgen and has been around for a long time. It feels really good, very familiar, to be pulling three mobs with Misdirect and letting my pet tank them down. Working my way up and down in Ardenweld and the Undying Army zone, I feel strong again and farming is something that can be done without nasty traps or deaths or interference. I am glad to run out of Rested because I don’t really want to level out of my bad-ass BfA gear, but it will happen. It’s okay.

Somehow, and I’d ask if it is the same for you, I am making gold. Like between 150,000 and 200,000 since this expansion began. Now, some of that is active dropping fish in to the AH every day, but not near all of it. I think those Faithful daily tasks pay off pretty well.

After the Torghast nerf yesterday, I did a level four all alone. It can be done, at least the choice of instance that I ran. So, my clumsy version of a Balance Druid made it through with no deaths. Good news.

If I see this right, the activities in the Maw give a currency that make Maw runs and Torghast runs easier. And Torghast gives the currency for the Legendary. That’s it. Therefore, that Legendary must and has to be worth those efforts. With no other reward beyond an occasional mission board guy or the (terrific) go-save-a-lore-figure; it might be too easy to drop the whole thing. I guess that eventually we’ll have extra gear in our bags to swap out a legendary for a specific task like single-target vs AoE. But, they don’t seem very awesome to me.

On the other hand, the conduits add up. If one conduit adds about 3% to player power, then three conduits will add up to 9% which then seems like a lot. I have four active right now, two of my own choice and two built-in to the tree and Renown 13 is next week and will add another. This is a powerful system. As we watch for stronger drops of our favorite versions — this system design will feel very good as a player. I like it and we can swap them out if desired.

There is a lot to do in Shadowlands but end game is far away and here we are in our new zones; playing, getting lost and having fun.

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