WoW: Getting It Right

WoW: Getting It Right

Our new zone in patch 9.2 works really well, at least for me. The artwork is lovely, and the place is kind of inviting, one enjoys being there and playing. Gone are all of the demands on time that we are used to: the grinds are minimal.

If you are a raider or pvp guy or a dungeoneer and don’t want to go there, you don’t have to. The needed Cosmic Flux for your second legendary comes from bosses killed (and from almost everything). Just don’t go!

You do want to do the campaign quests and learn the story. These are short quest-lines once a week until the last set which is next week. And that will also reward you flying in the new zone, if you want to be there.

The systems in the new zone are decent. Spending my stacked anima to give my alt gear was a piece-of-cake. My investment in the talent-tree console has led to higher ilevel drops in gear (though I think it’ll cap at about the same as Normal for raiding), but it is welcome now.

The Enhancement Console, which at first, I dismissed, is now a nice bonus. You can buy buffs which last an hour (in the zone) and several of them to use all at once. They don’t make you a god, it is more like a speed buff or +5% Mastery or healing; things like that. Again for me, this is ideal if I do choose to grind Genesis Motes to make my pets. I have made three pets and one mount so far and it is getting easier and easier.

I know a guy. He has built a “speed set” for gathering. Gear does drop with some built in buffs and, while it might be lower that your power gear, there are not many great threats in the zone. Consider it if you are going to spend a lot of time there.

There are recipe drops but they don’t compel you to go there. Glyphs like a spectral form for the Shaman can be found, made and sold on the Auction House. The double-the-healing potions are not selling, so maybe our players don’t feel the need while playing at what they play.

Because this zone will be around for a long time, I’ll likely switch my play time over to my hunter who has been set aside as an Alt. My druid is my healing raider and I’m wishy-washy about playing as a boomkin; we’ll see, no pressure at all.

All in all, I like it and want to go back there and play some more.

4 thoughts on “WoW: Getting It Right

  1. Current incarnation of Boomie is a cake walk. It’s a great offspec for you because you can use all the same resto gear with only a trinket or two difference. You’re likely stacking haste and mastery for resto and it works good for boomie too. I’ve been loving the Boomie playstyle for the past couple xpacks. Depending on the fight, I’m swapping between Resto/Balance in SotFO.

    Overly simplified rotation is thus:
    Keep moonfire up
    keep sunfire up
    Starsurge (or Starfall for 2+ mobs) to spend astral power
    Wrath until starfire lights up
    Starfire until wrath lights up.
    Blow cooldowns where you feel appropriate.

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  2. I’m still stuck getting out of the gate. I got the portal open to get there but I’m overwhelmed with the pile of quests to start, and the difficulty of killing 15 things for meat with the 3rd one killing me. I worked it out to kill 15 with down time to heal up between, it’s going to take me 30-45 minutes to do one quest by myself. It’s disheartening, and just makes me feel like I don’t have what it takes to do a simple gather quest. Seeing this past week about the 10.0 announcement didn’t send me to sites to see if there were any leaked details. I just can’t shake a feeling that I’m no longer good enough to play even the basics, let alone dungeons and raids. So when I look at that $30 charge every month, for my wife’s account that she hasn’t been on in months, and mine where I’m logged in less than an hour a week, I feel a tough choice May be on the horizon.

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