Dragonflight: It is the Professions

Dragonflight: It is the Professions

We start on Monday! Like a lot of players, I have my main and alts hearthed at the inn in Stormwind. And, I want to remember to re-set that hearth once I reach the Dragon Isles.

Let us stop obsessing on our Talent Trees until we ding 70. Several of my amigos in the guild are planning marathons and have taken time off from work. Adding our talent points as we level up will be strange yet fun.

Professions are one of the expansion features. There is quite a bit of information out on it now, including animated calculators. It will be fun for all players to dabble into the new systems and learn about the different ways to make goodies. We will be spending a lot of time with our professions because that is the game as designed. Yep, you can skip the whole thing and not be hurting; which, I think, keeps it fun. Targeting a recipe, whether a cosmetic or a raiding phial (flask) or high-end gear; that is was the draw is for me.

The game is designed to be Alt Friendly in that it already has catch-up mechanics built in. If your main has 10 or 20 Renown, your Alt will have a 200% buff in earning Renown. If your main has all the dragon flying stuff, your Alt can fly as soon as she lands in the new zone. So, there is the temptation right there — Alts and Professions.

Professions look to be intense and so I’m a bit fearful right now. I don’t understand it yet. The volume of different materials needed for a single recipe is big and typical. At-a-glance, it looks like there is four of everything: herbs, ore, fish, meat, skins and so on. It’s gonna be c-r-a-z-y! We will have slow but steady gains over months and months of play.


December fifth is our ten-year anniversary for our guild.

We’d like to celebrate in some fashion but it will be hard to do with everyone wanting to be leveling at that time. We are brain-storming ideas right now. Trying to gather together at night would only represent a few of our many players who play at all times and days. So, what to do?

The ideas so far are looking at the Achievements under Expansion Features and Exploration and picking one and let people race for a title maybe. Some reward, maybe a stack of gold for the winner.

Maybe investing early in a Cooking Accessory and loading the guild vault with them and let people get a present that advances their crafting. Again, hefty materials and profession advancements will hinder that idea; but it’s possible.

Unlimited guild repairs for a week. That will probably happen and since no one is progression raiding and our whole guild wiping, it may be a good gesture.

The new profession pets take special materials that you can only get rarely. The new profession design has really impacted on our ideas.

I understand that it is a big deal to keep a guild going for ten years. But it mostly matters to our leaders who’ve been invested for so long. The bulk of our roster may not even care.

A dragoning we will go!


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