Player XP: Pet Battles

“What do the simple folk do
To help them escape when they\’re blue?
The shepard who is ailing, the milkmaid who is glum
The cobbler who is wailing from nailing his thumb”


Player XP: Pet Battles

Two Words: American Football. The World of Warcraft has spoiled me with it’s activities. I can’t simply sit and watch football anymore, I get antsy and restless. Television is physically boring. However, fold in some fishing and I’m quite entertained. I have always enjoyed watching football.

I’ve written before about Power Pet Leveling with the intention of chaining pet battles for player xp. I did the same thing to get the Pet Brawler monument and achievement.

With Legion coming on August 30th, it lines up with football season and I’m sure I’ll find myself interested in the ball game but wanting to do small-step progress in WoW while I’m at it.

Yes, I have 3200 Pet Charms and all that stuff. Plenty of maxed out rare pets. Those all have filled in as I’ve done the grinds. A familiar old movie works just as well.

I don’t know but it “feels” like a completed pet battle gives just about the same xp as a quest turn-in. If I can run 20 pet battles in an hour, that would seem to be a lot of xp. All my Alts love it.

What I’m interested in for Legion is finding that free and clear area where I can battle pets non-stop without interference from some wandering mobs. Ideally, the same type of pet. Uphill from Stoneplow in MoP and the coast next to Karabor in WoD were two places that worked fine. Sure, they have level 25 pets there but, really, I’d rather not go back.

I have two hopes. Perks and Peeves who is writing regular with articles like this one which might offer a non-stop way of battling by not turning in a quest (using our new toy). And, the terrific Bubbles of Mischief who is also covering Legion right now. These guys, I’m keeping my eye on. Of course, I’ll ask in sites like Blizzard Watch if I don’t find a place myself.

Too bad the Elixir of the Rapid mind won’t work over level 99, eh?

I am very much looking forward to Legion. I like being engaged and challenged. Still, pet battles offer player xp and if I mix in some of that while I super-duper-casually watch some football; well, all the better!

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