WoW: Guild Housing

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”
Helen Keller

WoW: Guild Housing

A while ago I was excited about the idea of lore quests and wrote a post on it. I put the link in the Suggestion Box. About two weeks later I got three visits to that page on the same day. Was it the designers? Possibly. Was it random? Unlikely. Who knows for sure.

I am of the opinion that WoW has taken a rough “time spent” direction with endless filling the bars. I also think that guilds have been ignored by Blizzard; my guess is that they wanted to try a push to get Facebook friends to see how much fun I was having or to get my Overwatch amigos to join me in WoW. Well THAT didn’t work.

The truth is that I play WoW to get away from my RL friends and away from real life period. And, there are only very few gaming friends that I’d want to meet in real life. I’d love to meet all the bloggers over a cupcake or a beer.

I believe that WoW needs to change it’s course. Raiding and Mythic Plus are too hard with guild raiding even harder as players jump ship to get AOTC in a pug group. Islands for pets is kind of dumb being all random and stuff. The missions I run today on that ship are (I’m serious) only for the hope of a fish proc.

Player Housing is sure to come. The interest and demand is there from the player base. We’ve had in-game trials with the Tillers and Garrison and Order Hall though there is zero in this expansion: too much pruning in our garden, I’d say.

There are models from other games. I liked the Tillers with my dog to pet. It was mine and instanced. I could get away and not be /poked. I could make a fool of myself when making macros for toys that don’t work over and over.

Guild Housing could provide a lot of things.

One thing that really bothers me is that our raid team is a bit elitist and hang out in Discord. Our guild chat is minimal and that is not healthy. We have fringe players in our guild (some for six years solid) who never play with us except on a rare raid achievement run when we can carry them. Even if interested for a night, they’d not ask to join us to raid on our 100th wipe in Heroic Conclave. I’d discourage that, seriously.

I’m trying to remember the Argent Tournament. As I recall, our server built that thing and it started small. We collected wood and stone.

As I recall, there used also be guild buffs and contributions to the guild by simply looting as you play.

My first stance is: a guild buff of any kind is good. If the big guilds get there first, that is life. If your guild is small, you will get there but not right away. If you are not in a guild, continue to play alone. Gaming and life isn’t fair.

Guild Housing should be something we build just by playing. Now “time spent” is very different, right?

We should get perks. Maybe we build a forge and you can get a 5% Mark of the Wild type buff by stopping in the housing and clicking. Speed perks, food buffs, travel ports and more, all the things that you can imagine.

Guild Achievements can mean something. The points can be thresholds to the arrival of the fairies or flower boxes. Doing a guild thing (it better be easy) to make a drawbridge might be fun.

I’d like to see a currency, call it guild emeralds. That same looting system from before would feed this currency to the guild bank but it’d not be gold. The guild master can make spending decisions: adding to the guild pet vendor, the guild mount vendor, a fishing pond or, as always, another speed buff that stacks.

Guild versions of raids? It could be that we are buffed as a group. Maybe unique designs just for guilds so irregulars can join.

Do you want a castle? How about archers on the walls. Maybe your kingdom is a sprawling farm land with marauders to deal with. A small base on a foreign island might be fun. Build your castle to “ten” and then get new options.

I’d like to see guild masters with benevolent powers. Even a temporary title for 24 hours or a week would be cool.

The Hivemind was an okay idea for a mount. Those five who are attuned can ride together. It would be a thousand times better if a there was a five person guild mount that can fly to dungeons.

I think that there are a zillion ideas of what could be in a guild housing place. I think that it should be easy and not hard. I think that exalted rep should open perks and one year and three year membership gives a perk. People should play together and the starting place should be the guild, not the pug board.

Those old guilds that are little small family guilds could get a huge advantage just for being a guild for eight years.

Okay, that is all I have to say about that.


6 thoughts on “WoW: Guild Housing

  1. I would be all over guild housing. I think a lot of people would. And I agree, perhaps not for the top end guilds but all the friends and family guilds are just an afterthought. I have over 950 in mine, there is no more benefit to being in mine to one with 30. We have every guild achievement except for PvP, are maxed out for all BoA rewards, pets, mounts. That’s all great, but it doesn’t allow us a way to see some physical thing in game.

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  2. I really enjoy Free Company housing in FFXIV. The FC buys a plot just like an individual player would, and then players in the FC can buy rooms in the house, there’s a workshop that can be used for some content, and the whole thing can be customized with paintings, stylized decor to match the nations of the game, and various other fun things (you can have an overhang like a moogle face!). It has some gameplay crossover – players can stable their chocobos there for feeding and access to some customization features, and the workshop grants access to some gameplay features – but it is otherwise just a fun, highly customizable cosmetic/social feature.

    I’d love to see WoW adopt something similar. My only fear is that Blizzard still seems to firmly believe things have to exist in game as gateways to what they perceive as “main” gameplay. If they can shake that notion and take another try at housing with the process of building and enjoying the house being the reward, then I think they could do it. Otherwise…I have 18 Garrisons not being used anyways.

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  3. Blizzard have to do something for Guilds, from what i remember the last thing they did is removing some perks and leveling from guilds, they have to renew the guild tabard design interface and features, this thing is untouched since vanilla, they added more icons later but that’s it.

    Guild housing is something i saw in Everquest 2 and now in SWTOR, both provide a huge amount of items to decorate guild houses, people visit these places and look at what each guild did.

    Housing in general should arrive in the next expansion, they will make me buy it and i’m sure they’ll make many go back … if they did it in a good way, offer a lot of things to collect for the house.

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