Come Ye to the Darkmoon Faire

Hear ye ev’rywhere:
Don’t ye ken
There’s a fair
Down on MacConnachy Square!


Come Ye to the Darkmoon Faire

I’ve written before on how to use the DMF with the Elixir of Rapid Mind to turn in 24 max level quests all in one fell swoop with a big xp boost. I’ll find you the link if you are really interested. There is a level 100 cap on that potion, buyer beware.

Today though, it was all about my Main. I dinged 800 in Cooking and First Aid. Scratch those bad boys off the To-Do List! Plus 5 profession points can be addicting and I found a lot of my Alts swinging through the Faire. One got all of the extras like Monstrous Egg and Treatise on Strategy to layer in even more XP.

My Main is max rep across the board but it is still a good idea to consider the Wheeee buff and/or the Top Hats for your lonely Alts.

I am amused how much the Goblin Glider is now part of my play-style. I’d never merely ride down the twisting hill to the Darkmoon Faire. I jump off the ledge, swing around at the end to land on the Carousel. I love it.

Since I have the Stingray mount from last month (as do you all), selling the fish that my Alts picked up would be a good idea — especially today, early in the DMF cycle. Weekend warriors pad my pockets with gold, gold, gold.

Okay, why not, my Elixir of Rapid Mind Guides (two which are DMF based):

NB: Winter’s Veil is in two weeks. As I recall, the daily in Draenor dropped Elixirs of the Rapid Mind. If you like to plan ahead and level Alts and stuff like that, maybe you’d want that.

5 thoughts on “Come Ye to the Darkmoon Faire

  1. No stingray mount for me. By the time I saw the info I tried to buy up fish in the AH. Needless to say I was not buying 50k worth of 🐟 fish. I am looking forward to getting Tailoring and Enchanting a bit closer to max. I may still need 2-3 months more.

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  2. Saw your post yesterday and immediately did a professions round on my alts 🙂 Reminder posts are useful.
    Also I’ve remembered that Darkmoon sells old gear models. My druid really needs the shoulders from the rogue set for her current mogging.

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